Title: Life+Time=Songs
Authored by: NAJ - Singer/Songwriter
Posted: 06/05/14

Quite a bit of personal matters have dominated my time over the last several months. Having relocated to southern Maryland in fall of 2013, the new house is in great shape, but still many things to do. The most interesting was hiring a tree service company and getting a fair amount of work done, including cutting down 4 massive size trees. Sad but necessary. Also, have done some traveling just for fun, saw family, worked on my golf game and poker skills - My two admitted hobbies for when I can't stop rolling my eyes about the music business. Ha!

I've continued gigging, but at more of a ... let's say leisurely pace. It is naturally picking up a bit with the warmer weather now. Also, I've not neglected my songwriting during this period and have a handful of new songs ready to go. My thought is to make my next release very acoustic based, just keep it simple. I think that's what fans want to hear. So we'll just see, eh?

Until next time, my friend. Thanks for listening and for dropping by to see what I'm up to!

Title: The continent of contentment
Authored by: NAJ - Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer
Posted: 10/10/13

Just a quick note to say thanks to YOU the fans that I've met and/or made this year - I appreciate your enthusiasm, support, love - or all of the above. I recall many, many great (and interesting) compliments and smiles along the way. And thanks to fans from far away places that still listen and are kind enough to let me know. It's really touching. I've gotten many random "come back to Texas" posts recently! Thanks guys and gals.

Title: Yesss!
Authored by: NAJ - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
Posted: 4/18/13

I got a new acoustic guitar today, and for me it's a bit of milestone because it's my 1st Martin. Really happy with its tone and playability, looking forward to breaking it in this weekend. For any guitar geeks reading this, it has the Fishman Aura system on-board. I've had a pedal version (the AST model) of this in my pedal board set-up for the last 5 yrs and it's been the heart of my sound. So I wanted a Martin, but I also was specifically seeking this feature (to replace the AST). Go try it out, I think you'll dig it - both it's natural sound & plugged-in. I got a Martin GPCPA4 with the Aura Fishman F1 system.

While weighing options and getting on a first name basis with every salesman at Guitar Center today - and they were all helpful, btw - I ran into a new musician acquaintance of mine. We don't know each other that well, but decided to have a drink nearby. Really cool dude, and what he and I shared was an appreciation for a broad range of music, and the nuance of meaningful songwriting. Just nice to hang with musicians that are talented w/o being full of themselves, who are curious & open-minded musically. It reminds me of Stanislavsky: Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.

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Title: Back when, back then
Authored by: NAJ - Singer/Songwriter/Grandson
Posted: 11/29/12

I was rummaging through old photos tonight, and ran across a few of my Granddaddy Larkins. He was a kind, quiet, simple man - He drove me to little league baseball practices and games, and for that reason he was tops in my book. His vice was apparently chewing tobacco, Red Man in those old pouches. He always smelled of the stuff, not that it bothered me. His car was always cluttered with news papers, like flying-out-the-back-window type of cluttered. I always wondered why he didn't toss'em, but I guess he enjoyed reading while I was scrambling for pop-ups.

A carpenter by trade, there wasn't a stretch of businesses or new residential area that he could resist commenting on as we drove by; "Use to be nothing but acres of fields along here" or "I helped build all those buildings right over there... yup I did". He had some native indian blood in him, and when he warbled out some old tune he liked, it always reminded me of some old mystical indian chief. When he passed, I was around 15. I sang at his funeral; "I Come To The Garden Alone", an old hymn that's been recorded by dozens of artists. I'm not sure which recording endeared the song to him, but I imagine it was either the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans version, or Elvis Presley's. I know right where he's buried, visited the site several times over the years. Hope he'd be pleased and proud to know I'm still singing.

Thanks for spending some quality time with me Granddad, I know you loved me.