Embracing Local Culture

After a relaxing 3 month break to recharge his batteries, (sans the Delaware Music Fest appearance), Nathan's performance schedule is returning to normal. On Thursday May 19th Nathan was invited to play Dogfish Head Brewery's inaugural Sunset Brewery Tour. Their recent Discovery Channel TV Show helped them gain national recognition, and their home base is in Milton, Delaware, just minutes from Nathan's new digs. People from all over the East Coast go to Dogfish Head Brewery to enjoy the beer, the people and the strange yet amazing structure known as The Stempunk Treehouse. After this initial performance, (Click to see pics!) they want to see more live performances from Nathan in conjunction with Dogfish Head events in the months ahead! So stay tuned!


Nathan is also making friends with other great local businesses. Milton's Farmer Market occurs on Friday afternoons from 4-7pm in support of local farmers & craftsman, and promotes a friendly, laid-back, small-town attitude. If you haven't been, you're really missing something special! Having performed for several fridays in April & May, Nathan will continue to be a featured live musician as part of their 2011 season. The 4th Friday of July and September will see Nathan, along with drummer/percussionist J Good, playing songs off Nathan's 4 CD's (nice tie-in, huh?), and his usual eclectic mix of covers. Make plans to come out & hear Nathan’s acoustic laidback rock sound all while munching on fresh berries and delicious beef jerky from the local butcher.
Breaking Ground on the East Coast: NJ will play Delaware Music Festival 2011!

Mark your calendards for April 16, 2011. Time: TBA
The East Coast has always been the happening place for live music and entertainment. During the Spring and Summer, the first state of this great country embraces original artists and showcases their talents by hosting a series of live music festivals. This year’s Delaware Music Festival, held annually in Dewey Beach will be showcasing Nathan and his amazing talent on one of four main stages. Check back for more details and we look forward to seeing you out there on the beach!