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What people are saying:

Hi Nathan! We have been so busy ever since the wedding, but I have been meaning to send you an email ever since. What a simply amazing performance you gave at our wedding!! We are so pleased! You have a fabulous voice...we LOVE your CDs and are so glad we chose you to be there! Hope you are well!!
Carpe Diem,...
- Anastasia Iannacone - 10/9/13

Great show at the beaches last week, Nathan, absolutely the best solo acoustic act I've ever seen. Wish you the best of luck man, your songs deserve to be heard. - Chris Riderly - 8/15/13

""Don't Need To Hear" kicks it hard like the rest of your tracks, a poetically pointed spear of truth, pain, rebellion and love mixed deftly with beats that are a heart pulse that move my soul and spirit."
David Namerow - Percussionist 07/05/13

"Nathan Adam Johnson has been the perfect fit in our live entertainment line-up. Between his crowd-directed set lists, to his casual banter with our guests, an almost communal feel arises when he performs."
Glen Vernon - Manager @ Beachcombers, Rehoboth Beach, DE 01/25/13

"Thank you for Saturday, our guests really loved you! "
Judy Champion - Manager @ Harry's Savoy Grill, Wilmington, DE 9/12/12

"Somehow you make it sound fresh every time. I don't know your secret, but I hope it's not illegal."
David Hines - Vendor in Bridgeville, DE 08/05/12

"Caught your show in Milford last week. Absolutely beautiful music, Nathan. So glad you played some of my favorites off your newest CD, and your choice of cover songs was crazy man!! I've never heard anyone even attempt some of those! My partner and I had a wonderful time, and really appreciate your talent! We'll be back and bring some friends!" Stacy A. - Milford, DE 03/01/12

"Thank you so much for your outstanding performance at our wedding ceremony and reception! You exceeded our expectations on every level -- you are a superlative performer and your music and personality really made our wedding special and spectacular. All of our guests are gushing with compliments about you. I can not thank you enough for your contribution. We will definitely come see you play when we are in the area. Let me know if you ever need any recommendations - I'd be honored and happy to provide." Jill Chaze-Gregory - Vienna, VA 10/20/11

"You have seriously raised the talent bar."
Steve Siciliano - Newark's Farmer Market - Newark, DE - 7/17/11

"You definitely have an amazing voice and your musical talent speaks for itself. Thanks for being as professional as you were (at last night's performance)." Kevin Roberts - GM @ Bethany Blues - Lewes, DE - 06/21/11

"I can’t get Nathan’s tune "You Got Me Thinking" out of head!"
Bob Croslin - Webmaster - Sachse, TX - 5/8/11

"I was there. Nathan, your music goes right to the soul! Thank you so much for your talent. Bought 4 of your CD's and am blessed every time I play them, which is very often! Love, love, love your newest CD "Dames, Dreams and Other Dreary Things" which is not "dreary" at all, BTW!! Very beautiful. Hope to see you again at future performances! Give us more!" Lisa Watson - Via Facebook after a live performance 12/28/10

"Nathan's music is interesting, sometimes provocative - and an easy listen. I especially like "I Made My Bed"."
Film Music Supervisor out of Boston sent via email 10/04/10

"He's a good man. And thorough." Maude Lebowski - Los Angeles, CA


A uniquely gifted musician, Nathan Adam Johnson simply wows audiences. His live shows reflect his genuine personality and wide range of influences. While featuring original songs is his calling card, he's adept at handling cover tunes and cross-pollinating genres. He is at once a compelling, serious artist with exceptional vocals and guitar abilities, and a humorous performer that draws a crowd in with just his wit.

Formerly based out of Dallas, Texas, he relocated to the east coast in 2011 to broaden his audience and seek new opportunities. A full-time musician for the past 7 years and working professionally even longer, he is still an undiscovered singer/songwriter. He has opened for both regional and national acts in solo settings and with backing players.

His self-descriptor laidbackacousticrockpopfunkyfolkydeliciousness has caused people to pass-out while attempting to memorize it. He smells heavenly even after a strenuous work-out. He obeys most traffic laws. He wrote roughly 3% of this bio. He is... pretty good people. Pay attention.


What more people are saying:

"Just wanted to thank you for coming to Louisiana and performing for us. Everyone raved about you and thought you were GREAT! I already have had people ask for your info for upcoming dates."
Andrea Swift - Sent via email 12/14/09

"It is fun to see someone who can really manipulate an instrument and have a good time doing it. Music is an art, it always has to be branded by the artist and I really enjoyed the way you branded the performance."
Wesley Hair, McKinney, TX - Audience member & new fan. Sent via email 11/23/09

"It is an honor for me to recommend Nathan Johnson... The Fall Funfest attracted over 700 enthusiastic students. Nathan Johnson entertained participants for two hours non-stop. His energy and big sound helped make our Fall Funfest a tremendous success" Gregg M. - Event Coordinator

The music scene always has one band that stands out from the mainstream. (Nathan's) understanding of current pop culture set him apart... He brought a diverse crowd of conscious music & beer lovers to the venue"
Steven M. - Booking Agent

"Besides his energetic sound, smooth rhythms and good sense of humor, he is on of the best that I have worked with. Nathan will give you more than you expect. So sit back, relax, open your mind and enjoy" David S. - Collegiate Booker

Occasionally we venture out of the norm when something comes to us that is very special. Dallas based artist Nathan Johnson's new record fits perfectly into that category of a special form of Texas music. ... “The Feeling I Got”, is a great pop rock and vibe driven record that delivers an original style and feel to the listener. Nathan successfully blends a wonderful R&B style with a voice that is delightful and compelling.
Keith Howerton - Writer/Reviewer for